Here is a taste of my jewelry designs. I have been designing jewelry for a little over 2 years now. What has started as a creative experiment with skills I've learned from my day job, has turned into a full-blown passion for creating shapes and illustrations out of metal. All of the metal that is used has been etched in brass and then plated with either gold or imitation rhodium. The colors should remain as vibrant as they day they are plated, provided they are properly cared for. The inspirations for my designs come from natural/organic textures and shapes and really whatever strikes my fancy. A lot of the text-heavy and illustrated designs spark from my own personal interests in my surroundings and upbringing. You'll find a lot of the designs are nautical-themed. Having grown up near the beach, the sun and sand are hard to escape and inspire a lot of my work. Want to see more or make a purchase or two? Check out my Etsy Shop!

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